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This course is designed to eliminate the cycle of waiting to grow your business out of pocket. It has years of savings alone embedded in this course. It's time to EXPAND your reach and INCREASE your REVENUE. Business capital refers to the financial assets needed for a business to produce the goods and/or services it offers to its customers. Capital is necessary for a business to maintain its operations. THIS COURSE GIVES YOU THE PEACE OF MIND, NO MORE GUESSING AND STAULING YOUR GENERATIONAL WEALTH. I WISH I COULD HAVE KNOWN THIS INFORMATION WHEN I STARTED BUSINESS. IT'S YOUR SEASON OF OVERFLOW.

Transformational Engineer

Nekia Foxx

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Course curriculum

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    Chapter #1


    • Grab your PEN and PAPER 📝

    • How to build business credit in 30 days

    • Check list for getting your business ready for business credit.

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    Next steps

    • How to buy a car under your business

    • More resources for you

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